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Through my business Rehydrate the Earth, I seek to understand and respond to the land, both practically and intuitively, in order to revitalize the ecosystem.  Most of our current ecological crises, including local and global climate change, result from our poor water management practices. Prioritizing the infiltration of water into the landscape in conjunction with the planting of trees and other perennial vegetation can moderate local temperatures and restore the small water cycle, which provides water vapor for the formation of rain and the stabilization of local ecosystems.  Come and hear me teach or visit Rain for Climate to read more about these compelling connections. 

I educate individuals and communities in the creation of stunning regenerative designs including do-it-yourself-scale earthworks for water infiltration, productive water conserving polyculture landscapes, tree guilds, Biodynamics, soil building, greywater and other Earth healing strategies. I work with the land and its inhabitants to facilitate the creation of vibrant, energetically alive, functionally beautiful habitats.

In addition to Rehydrate the Earth, I teach as part of several Bay Area Permaculture Design Courses and am a certified Permaculture Educator through the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA).  I am the lead educator and the Program Manager for the Four Seasons Permaculture Design Course at Commonweal Garden in Bolinas.  



Vital Cycles Permaculture Design and Personal Ecology: 

Feb 2021 - Dec 2021, Santa Cruz, CA. A year-long Permaculture Design and Personal Ecology Course with Lydia Neilsen and Anne Freiwald

Four Seasons Permaculture:

Oct 2020-Sept 2021, Bolinas, CA. A year-long Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Santa Cruz Permaculture:

April 2020 - Sept 2020, Santa Cruz, CA. A 6-month Permaculture Design Certificate Course


Soil not Oil 2018:

Rekindling Regenerative Relations with Fire and Water Panel

Soil Not Oil 2017:

Rehydrate the Earth Workshop

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